Lauren Jauregui has opened up about how she had to overcome “imposter syndrome” while finding her feet as a songwriter.

The former Fifth Harmony singer released her debut solo single Expectations in October (18) and it has already achieved 15 million streams.

However, in an interview with Ladygunn magazine, the 22-year-old admitted she experienced some growing pains when she struck out on her own, after her old group, originally made up of Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, and Ally Brooke, disbanded.

“The main lesson I learned (while finding the confidence to write my own songs) was that I was the one holding myself back,” she told the publication. “There was no one actually stopping me but me. It was my fear of failure and rejection that was stopping me because I love music and art that much.”

Lauren added that while she’s inspired by many “incredible artists”, she would often compare herself to them, before she realised, she too could be incredible if she worked hard and never gave up.

“It was about realising that and telling myself over and over again, even when I didn’t believe it, ‘You can do this. This is what you do. You know you can write’,” she smiled as she recalled her pep talks to herself. “You can’t wait for someone else’s approval or for someone else to tell you that you can do something just to be like, ‘Oh s**t, I’m actually good at this.’”